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Our team

Our team is composed of seasoned experts with rich professional portfolios as well as skilful and ambitious beginners. Together, we form a dynamic team with an in-depth knowledge of market needs and opportunities and we are not afraid of even the most original challenges.

The owners of the company.

Anna Jacyna

Philologist. She obtained her professional experience while working in visa departments of embassies and co-operating with travel agencies. Finally, she visited nearly all continents and spent some time living abroad: in Moscow, London and Stockholm. She loves sand and the sun.

Tel. +48 604 605 701
e-mail: anna.jacyna@impulstravel.eu

Wojciech Piotrowski

Economist. He started his career at PBP Orbis. Then, he co-operated with American Travel Abroad Inc. and Marcopolo Travel Office for many years. He lived in London and Stockholm for some time. The only continent that he has not visited yet is Australia. This is because he always faces the dilemma, whether to visit a new place or return to a well-known, favourite location. He enjoys flying, although with a dose of respect.

Tel. +48 601 979 128
e-mail: wojciech.piotrowski@impulstravel.eu

MICE department

Agnieszka Kamińska

Project Manager
Tel. +48 667 865 875
e-mail: agnieszka.kaminska@impulstravel.eu

Karol Gregorowicz

Project Manager
Tel. +48 693 333 757
e-mail: karol.gregorowicz@impulstravel.eu

Kaarina Skurtys

Project Manager
Tel. +48 667 444 889
e-mail: kaarina.skurtys@impulstravel.eu

Małgorzata Podgórska

Project Manager
Tel. +48 665 667 444
e-mail: malgorzata.podgorska@impulstravel.eu

Katarzyna Tomczak

Project Manager
Tel. +48 665 444 887
e-mail: katarzyna.tomczak@impulstravel.eu

Air Department

Agnieszka Malczyk

Ticketing Agent
Tel. +48 501 324 324
e-mail: agnieszka.malczyk@impulstravel.eu

Małgorzata Mikruta

Ticketing Agent
Tel. +48 667 444 409
e-mail: malgorzata.mikruta@impulstravel.eu


Elżbieta Grabowska

Chief accountant
Tel. +48 22 654 76 22
e-mail: elzbieta.grabowska@impulstravel.eu

Agnieszka Kanigowska

Tel. +48 22 654 76 22
e-mail: agnieszka.kanigowska@impulstravel.eu

Some of our Clients include:
Your Company is assisted by a dedicated employee supported by our whole team.
The contact person is available on mobile phone and e-mail whenever necessary. From the concept to the realisation and settlement.